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Prenatal Pilates Made Easy

26 Sep

Exercising during pregnancy has evolved rapidly. The advocacy to help pregnant women have a fit and better living is a great way for them to build core strength. Pregnancy fitness, by way of exercising, aids pregnant women in having a risk-free and comfortable delivery. One particular exercise that moms-to-be prefer is Prenatal Pilates. It has become phenomenal due to the fact that it is adaptable in nature. You can adjust your exercise depending on the ability that you have developed as well as modify it depending on what stage of your pregnancy you are in. The video below highlights easy Pilates workout you can do during your first, second, or third trimester. The beauty about this video is that it is easy and efficient.

Prenatal Pilates Workout

The in-depth and detail-oriented execution of the Pilates workout makes it very easy to do. It is 100% safe and helps in toning your body. Back pains, weariness, soreness, and dizziness are alleviated with Prenatal Pilates. Incorporate this exercise in your daily life by routinely doing it. If you ought to take classes on prenatal Pilates, below are things to consider.

Attending Classes on Prenatal Pilates

If you want to attend a Pilates class during pregnancy, it’s best to look for one that’s tailored to pregnant women. If your instructor is not a health professional, make sure that she has a qualification in teaching exercise to pregnant women.

Even if you found the pelvic floor exercise described above easy, you may find that many ordinary pilates classes go too quickly for you. If there isn’t an antenatal Pilates class in your area, make sure your instructor knows that you’re pregnant. She’ll need to adapt the exercises for you.

If you experience any pain or discomfort then stop the class and let your midwife or doctor know before you continue.

If you attend an ordinary Pilates class, be cautious about the following:

  • Some of the positions, especially those lying on your tummy or back, or standing on one leg, are not suitable for mid-pregnancy and beyond.
  • You should avoid stretching any joint to its full range, especially in an unsupported position. This is because the hormone relaxin will have made your ligaments looser.
  • Supporting your weight on your hands and knees may make your wrists ache. This can be particularly uncomfortable if you have painful wrists (carpal tunnel syndrome). Your instructor should show you how to lean forwards onto an exercise ball if this is the case.

Read more: http://www.babycentre.co.uk/pregnancy/fitness/pilates/#ixzz27bnknIal

Overall, Pilates during pregnancy can help you improve your flexibility and balance. But just like any other exercise, you need to make sure you are executing the routines in a completely, safe way. Some routines are challenging but do not put your body under strain. Do not jump directly to workout methods that you feel you are not yet ready to execute. Take it one step at a time. Happy Pilates everyone!

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